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Afternoon Tea At The Salthouse Harbour Hotel

Afternoon Tea At The Salthouse Harbour Hotel

  • Our features writer Megan Musgrove shares her afternoon tea experience at The Salthouse Harbour Hotel. Her second time around!

Not My First Afternoon Tea Rodeo At The Salthouse

The first time I went to afternoon tea at The Salthouse was only just before Christmas last year. I’m not sure why it had taken me so long to get around to visiting. Everyone I knew who had already tried the afternoon tea kept saying how great it was.

When I went back in December, it was just before the last-minute Christmas lockdown. My first afternoon tea there was so lovely, I immediately promised myself I would be back once things opened up again. I wanted to experience it for a second time.

So here we are.


Let The Afternoon Tea Experience Begin!

The Salthouse Harbour Hotel is located on the picturesque waterfront in Ipswich, in a converted old dockland building. While the exterior has a beautiful, historical façade, the interior feels very much like a trendy gallery, with an eclectic collection of artwork on display and wonderful views of the harbour.


Stepping through the glass doors into the hotel, heading over to the doors that lead through to the restaurant, we are shown to a table by the window, where the cups and saucers are already set out.

Despite it only being midday, there are already several other tables occupied with afternoon tea fans.

With a quick perusal of the menu to select which type of tea to try (there is the option to upgrade to the luxury version that comes with a glass of champagne if you are in the mood to treat yourself), we are then left to enjoy the atmosphere before the food arrives. It is only a short wait until the colourful tower of delights is delivered to the table.


Savoury Snacks Are One Of The Best Parts Of This Afternoon Tea

One of the nicest parts of the afternoon tea is the selection of savoury treats along with all the sweet items. That was always one of the key selling points people would mention when asked if they had been to The Salthouse for afternoon tea, with the common response being “it comes with sausage rolls!”

Along with the sausage rolls, you also get a savoury scone, as well as the standard plain scone for the cream and jam. As you can see, I’m very much in the “cream first” camp of how to layer up your scone.


By the time we finish our food, the restaurant is nicely full. There is a steady flow of people coming in for lunch or an afternoon team themselves. With a few cakes left on the stand, and several attempts to dive back in for a second attempt, we decide it is time to head out. It is more than likely that you’ll find yourself full before you get the chance to finish. But do not panic! Just ask one of the staff for a box so you can take any leftovers home to enjoy later.

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If you’re tempted to try out the Afternoon Tea yourself, you can find more information on the various options on offer and how to book a table here

Maybe you’ve already visited. Let us know your favourite part of it!

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