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The Wolsey Art Gallery – Power Of Stories Exhibit

The Wolsey Art Gallery – Power Of Stories Exhibit

  • The current exhibit at The Wolsey Art Gallery is bringing a touch of Hollywood to the Ipswich area. Read more about The Power of Storytelling.

Over the last few years, the Wolsey Art Gallery at Christchurch Mansion has hosted many exhibitions. From classical French sculpture to artworks of contemporary musicians. But their current exhibit is bringing a touch of Hollywood to the Ipswich area.

Storytelling On Display At The Wolsey Art Gallery

The Power of Stories will show us how storytelling from both historic and contemporary mediums can shape how we see the world. Included in this are displays ranging from the Book of Martyrs from the 16th Century (Protestant propaganda of the time against Catholicism) to recent Marvel comic book covers.

At the heart of the exhibition is a worthy centrepiece. On display in the centre of the galley, you will find three costumes from the 2018 film Black Panther. Along with this is a running video from the film’s Oscar-winning costumer designer, Ruth E. Carter, discussing the influences for the costume designing process.


Not Just Another Superhero Tale

More than just another superhero movie, Black Panther was a cultural phenomenon. The film was a celebration of black culture, offering the kind of representation on screen that had not been seen before. At the time of its release, numerous grass-roots campaigns popped up in the US, so children from poorer communities would be given tickets and a chance to view the film in theatres. Three years later, the cultural impact has not dimmed.

It also helps that it is a brilliant film all-around. A solid component of the Marvel universe, with some wonderfully kick-ass female characters.

Set in the fictitious African country of Wakanda, Black Panther drew heavily on traditional African culture to create the world. On display, you will find various historical weaponry with information on how it influenced the looks of the weapons used by the characters in the film.


More Than Just Marvel Wolsey Art Gallery

Along with this, you’ll also find a particularly interesting section talking about the British Black Panthers. This was the organisation that fought for the rights of black people. The organisation is one that commonly seems to be known in the context of the Civil Rights Movement in America. But the British arm of the organisation was particularly powerful. It is a part of our country’s history that we should endeavour to know more about.


Whilst the comic book aspect is a big component of the exhibition, you don’t need to be a Marvel nerd to enjoy the exhibition. Though, if you are a Marvel enthusiast, then you are definitely going to get a lot out of it. There is plenty for all ages to enjoy.


The exhibition is running until 24th October 2021. It is free to visit. But you do need to pre-book a ticket with a time slot. You can book it here.

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After visiting the exhibition, you have the option to follow the route that takes you through the mansion. If you have yet to see the inside of Christchurch Mansion, it is worth including that into your plan for a double-punch of culture and history.

Are you planning on visiting The Power of Stories? Have you already been? Are you a Black Panther fan? Excited to see the costumes? Or just a newbie who is now intrigued to see the film? Let us know!

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